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Three Reasons to Visit Marathon, FL for your Next Company Retreat

Marathon, a city set on thirteen islands in the Florida Keys, is known for its relaxing atmosphere. Tourists and residents alike stroll by on their way to their days' adventure: fishing, snorkeling, jet skiing, or kayaking in the shade through stretches of dense mangroves. These are the top three reasons to spend your company retreat in Marathon..

1. The Tour Guides.

Whether you are ripping through the bay on Wave Runners at top speed, or stand-up paddle boarding through a leisurely channel, the tour guides in Marathon are guaranteed to enrich your experience. Pointing out smacks of jellyfish and manatees are just a small perk. These guides detail the history of the keys, incorporating amazing natural history seamlessly into your team's excursion.

2. The Atmosphere.

Marathon encompasses the best qualities of the Sunshine State. In the off-season during the summer months, it is a serene paradise, perfect for bonding with teammates. Friendly residents, paired with countless wonderful outdoor dining. And if you get restless, the hustle and bustle of Key West is a short drive away.

3. The Activities!

Incredible team-building activities are right outside your balcony in Marathon. Local resorts offer on-site jet skiing, snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing, and classes. We believe that the best way to build community is through new shared experiences, and enjoying a day out on the water is truly unbeatable. The incredible sights and rushes of adrenaline are sure to leave your team with conversation pieces and laughs that last for years.

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