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Three Reasons to Take a Corporate Retreat

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

If you are asking yourself, How could a corporate retreat help my company? Keep reading, and check out the deep and long-lasting benefits of business travel.

1. Get to know your coworkers - maybe meet them for the first time!

Across the world, about 16% of companies are completely remote, and 18% of people work remote full-time. We all know that our remote workers place high value on work-life balance, and the rise of remote work has opened many doors of opportunity. However, many teams have yet to meet face-to-face; The corporate world has gotten do comfortable with meeting over a webcam that many of us have forgotten the impact of in-person interaction.

2. Happiness Improves Productivity

It's hard not to be happy when you are on an island in the Caribbean. Or skiing on Montana's peaks. Or exploring Joshua Tree National Park in California. Travel elevates people's moods by introducing them to new and stimulating experiences. And happiness can do a lot for us - and research shows that we actually work harder when we are happy! Happiness improves employee productivity by up to 13%.

3. Show Appreciation!

A corporate retreat is a great way to show appreciation for all employees of a company. Teams can feel pampered while being productive and having meaningful discussions and conferences. When company culture is thriving, the business attracts more talent and has a better employee retention rate and lower turnover, saving money in the long run. Everyone wants to be appreciated!

Corporate retreats may seem far out of reach for you - pricey, logistically challenging, unrealistic... But Artisan Venture Tours is here to help. We strive to make the experience easy so that you can enjoy the benefits of the retreat with YOUR team.

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