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Retreats are Essential for Remote-working Companies -- Here's Why.

More and more companies are adopting work-from-home policies. According to a Forbes article, 25 percent of all professional jobs will be remote by the end of 2022. This percentage is expected to continue to rise through 2023. If our professional future is online, what does that mean for employee happiness?

84 percent of workers believe that the WFH life will increase their career happiness, even as the pandemic subsides. Remote work increases flexibility, family time, and removes the need to for a timely and expensive commute.

Despite many workers viewing the virtual workplace as a solution, the Pandemic has increased cynicism and burnout in the workforce. Three in five workers have a lack of interest and energy at work, whether they have gone remote or are still in-person. 70 percent of employees determined that friendship is the most important element of a happy work life, and reported loneliness rises by a whole 67% with fully remote work. (The Atlantic).

Sure, we can still instant message each other emojis and bond on Zoom calls. Humans are extremely adaptable. But the increasing loneliness in WFH workers is undeniable, and needs to be combatted, both for employees' sake, and for organizations' profitability. As we know, employee happiness has been found to increase productivity by 13%.

So how can companies reap the financial and logistical benefits of remote work, while avoiding the lack of genuine connection that follows?


Company retreats are an opportunity for remote teams to not only meet each other, but become close friends! Travelling with someone has been widely known to increase bonds through sharing new experiences, making memories, and overcoming fears together.

Mixing work sessions and conferences with outdoor adventures is the perfect mix of work and play, and is guaranteed to improve company culture.

At Artisan Venture Tours, we believe that is is crucial to know the person behind the screen. Bringing teams together through company retreats is a sure-fire way to make remote life work for you.

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