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A retreat to California can offer an invigorating escape to a diverse and picturesque environment, perfect for relaxation and exploration of its stunning coastlines, mountains, and forests. Participants can engage in activities such as hiking, surfing, and wine tasting, while also experiencing the state's rich cultural offerings, such as Hollywood, museums, and music venues. With its mild climate, thriving cities, and opportunities for adventure and entertainment, a retreat to California can provide a stimulating and memorable experience.


Best Time to Travel: What to Expect

Spring / Summer

California in the spring/summer provides warm temperatures ranging from the mid-60s to high 80s Fahrenheit. The ideal time to enjoy the state's beautiful beaches, outdoor activities, and festivals in the warm sunshine. From river rafting in Yosemite National Park to soaking up the sun in Monterey, there is something for everyone to enjoy during this time of year.

Fall / Winter

Visiting California in the fall/winter offers cooler temperatures ranging from the mid-40s to mid-60s Fahrenheit, making it an ideal time to explore the state's vibrant cities and scenic landscapes without the crowds. With opportunities for skiing in Lake Tahoe, wine tasting in Napa Valley, and whale watching along the coast, there is plenty to do and see during this time of year.

Unique Destinations and Landmarks

Top Activities


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