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Artisan Venture Tours (AVT) is a company dedicated to designing outdoor, team building, and cultural travel experiences that facilitate collaboration, individual as well as team growth, and new passions.   



experiencing new cultures


building community


work - life balance


learning new skills


outdoor adventures



Our Home is Our Inspiration

Our office is based out of Livingston, Montana - a small town placed in a breathtaking mountain valley adjacent to the Yellowstone River. In the late 60s, Livingston became a crossroads of recreation. Where people from all walks of life - writers, artists, ranchers, and outdoorsmen united over good drinks, better food, and beautiful views. Community values such as hard work, outdoor recreation and adventure have shaped our unique approaches to business and travel. 


What does"Redefining the Corporate Retreat" mean to us?


Our small team design retreats that focus on connecting participants with experiences that allow them to build new skills alongside their coworkers. The goal is to completely stray away from the daily back-to-back meetings, 5 cups of coffee a day, and hours of screen time. Whether it be learning how to ski at Bridger Bowl in Montana, or taking Caribbean cooking classes in the Florida Keys, research suggests that employees who actively engage their employees in learning processes see increased productivity, creativity, and job retention. 


Our Goals for Your Team


AVT strives to help businesses attract talent, reduce turnover, express appreciation for employees’ work, and encourage healthy work-life balance. We believe in allowing growth and dialogue to develop naturally by engaging employees with exciting outdoor and cultural activities in unforgettable spaces. With the rise of remote work, this value has become more important than ever.

Our Story



Jon Hesse

President & Founder

Jon is a practicing attorney and has started and sold several businesses. He is presently the President of HT Leather Goods, Handbag Tailor, and Big Sky Programming and Digital Arts. Jon lives in Livingston, Montana, with his wife, Mary who is a nurse, and their cat, Teeka. Jon has been involved as a board member for many non-profits. Jon loves to fly fish, ski, bike ride and travel.  He lost his leg to a cancer when he was in his early twenties and is a firm believer in making the most of the gift of life and to enjoy the people you meet and value all that you do- including work! These beliefs led to the formation of Artisan Venture Tours and are embedded in its values.


Carissa Walsh

Director of Event Planning & Sales 

Carissa grew up in western Wisconsin and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stout where she earned her degree in Human Development and Family Studies. She grew up on her family’s hobby farm where she was able to experience the outdoors. Carissa continues to enjoy the outdoors by hiking in the summers and is now taking on another challenge by learning to ski in the winters. She also stays active all year round by attending CrossFit classes, which she is very passionate about. Carissa’s most memorable travel experience was when she went jet skiing with her girlfriends from college on their annual “Girls Trip” to Florida! 


Heather Klatt

Director of Event Planning & Sales 

Heather is from Western Wisconsin, and currently resides there. Heather went to the University of Wisconsin-Stout for Hospitality Management, and has years of sales and event experience. She grew up playing sports, and continues to play league Volleyball throughout the year. Heather loves to be active, and enjoys traveling to new places. One of Heather's most memorable experiences was running a full marathon, and continuing to raise her twin boys. Heather is new to the team but has proven to be eager. She is not afraid to dive in and learn the ins and outs of Artisan Venture Tours. She values and appreciates any opportunity to learn and grow in her knowledge each day!


Lauren Meyer

Director of Marketing & Sales

Bio coming soon!

🖤 Small Team, Big Impact 🖤

Celebrating family and friends in Miami.
Jon and his wife in Paris,
Celebrating a good boy's birthday!
Carissa, Heather and friends in Paradise Islands, Bahamas🌴
Just some good ol' midwest fun feeding the cows!
Heather with her beautiful family.
Snowboarding in Colorado.
Heather, Carissa and friends rafting in Montana🛶
Lauren hiking the college "M" with Trip!
The team in Salt Lake City🏔️
Exploring the WNDR pop-up art exhibit,
Carissa hiking in Pine Creak, Montana🌲

Let’s Work Together!

Are you a inquiring as a vendor? Please fill out this form: 

1201 US Hwy. 10 West, Suite A4A

PO BOX 423

Livingston, MT 59047

AVT Office: (406) 222-2411

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